Sell Optical Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

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OnAccess1101 Optical Gigabit Ethernet adapter is designed to operate at
1000MBps at full duplex. OnAccess1101 supports IEEE 802.1p Traffic
prioritization for time-sensitive and mission-critical traffic. With IEEE 802.1Q
multiple VLAN support, it provides VLAN tables that can filter packets by
recognized VLAN tags.

The OnAccess1101 provides IEEE802.3x Flow Control Enhancements, which
are needed for a network adapter to function with a switch. In full-duplex mode,
MAC implements the PAUSE control function. This means when a switch is
connected in full-duplex mode and it senses that its buffer will overflow in the
near future, the switch will transmit one standard Ethernet packet that causes
the OnAccess1101 to pause for a period, thus avoiding internal buffer overflow
and packet loss.
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