Sell Optical Power Multi Meter ST801

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ST801 Optical Power Multi Meter is the one combine the functions of laser source and optical power meter.
The inner dual 1310nm and 1550nm wavelength
laser source assure the functions of stable laser source and optical power meter.
It can realize the absolute & relative power test and optical loss test.
It can be widely operated to for projects of optical telecommunication, CATV, lab project development, etc.

Key Features
1. Multi wavelength exact test
2. Absolute power test for dBm or 5W
3. Relative power test for dB
4. Single end dual wavelength output, free switch from 1310 nm and 1550 nm
5. 200 groups of test data storage and management
6. Multi interface adapter (FC, SC, ST , LC)
7. Handhold, large LCD display, easy to operate
8. under voltage indication
9. Power-off automatically after 10 minutes
10. Backlight-off automatically after 60 seconds
11. USB communication
12. With real-time clock function, can real-time display the current time, provide recording time for data storage

Technical Specifications
optical power meter module
1. Wavelength range: 800~1600 nm
2. Detector type: InGaAs
3. Optical power test range: -45~+25dBm
4. Uncertainty: 15%
5. Resolution: Linearity display 0.1%, logarithm display 0.01dBm
6. Frequency automatic identification: 270Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz

optical source module
1. Emitter type: FP-LD/DFB-LD
2. Dual working wavelength function switch:1310120nm, 1550120nm
3. Chart line width: <=5nm
4. Output optical power: >=-7 dBm
5. Output optical power short time steady degree: <=10.05dB/15min
6. Output optical power long time steady degree: <=10.1dB/5h

1. Low voltage indication: There is indication when battery voltage is lower than 3.4V
2. Time for automatic power-off: 10 min
3. Working duration for battery:
>=70h (the optical source and optical power meter work synchronously)
>=140h (only optical power meter work)
4. Battery: 3.7V/2500mAh high-performance rechargeable lithium battery
5. Operating temperature: 00~400
Storage temperature: -100~+600
6. Weight: 0.2Kg
7. Dimension: 160mmW76 mmW28 mm
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
2,000 Units Per Month
Available Colors
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160 x 76x 28mm
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
10 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
5 units
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Warranty Coverage
1 year