Sell Optical Receiver TOL200D

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 High Precision Digital LED Indicator, Display constantly the forward optical input power level and reverse optical output power.

 Broad Range Optical Input Power (-7dBm~+1.5dBm)

 High RF Gain and High RF Output Level (112dB5v)

 Two Output Ports, DS-2, DC-8,12,16 Available

 High Power GaAs or Power -Double Technology at Output Stage, Bi-Directional , Two High Level Outputs

 220V and 60V Power Supply Available

 750MHz and 862MHz Bandwidth Available

 Broad Range AGC Function (-6dBm~+2dBm) Optional. Optical input power AGC (Automatic Gain Control) function, keep RF output level stable(10.5dB) when optical input power change within the range -6dBm~+2dBm.