Sell Optical Spectrum Analyzer

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The AV6362 Optical Spectrum Analyzer, is a high performance spectrum analyzer, is developed through adopting the global advanced technologies Passive Component Test Application such as double-pass grating monochromator, high resolution direct drive diffraction grating, optical cuneiform delay polarization elimination and electronic digital filter. Having reached the advanced level of its global counterpart on the whole, the analyzer is used in the test of basic components such as LED, LD, SLD, DFB-LD, EDFA, optical fiber, optical fiber grating, optical filter, optical magnifier, WDM, and related systems. Key Features and Applications

70dB Dynamic Range

-90 dBm Level measurement sensitivity

Built-in FDD (Windows)

Tracking tunable laser source

Modulated and pulsed light measurement

DWDM Measurement

PMD Measurement

NF OF EDFA Gain measurement


Wavelength range

Wavelength accuracy

Level range
+10-90dBm(12501600nm) ; +1065dBm(6001000nm)
+10-75dBm(16001700nm) ; +1085dBm(10001250nm)

Level linearity
10.05dB(1550nm, -500dBm)

Dynamic range
>=70dB(1nm from peak wavelength)

Resolution bandwidth
0.05, 0.07, 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, lnm

Polarization Sensitivity
10.05dB(1550nm) :10.1dB(1310nm)

colour TFT-LCD

A/B(2 curve) ,3.5 inch FDD

built-in heat sensitive printer

GP-IB, RS232, VGA output

Operating Environment
operating temperature:1040; Relative humidity:<=90%RH

Dimensions , Weight
DXWXH=350X320X177(mm) ; <=17kg