Sell Optical fiber cable distribution frame

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Aseries of product of optical distribution frame,
This product is used as the terminal ending and distridution of the main, optical
fiber cable of the central office in the optical fiber cable , communication
system. It can realize the connection, distribution, and dispatching of the fiber
circuit. And it is the distribution connection equipment between the optical
fiber cable and the fiber cable communication system.
1. Electrolysis sheet frame, electrostatic spraying in the whole
2. Front input and all front operation
3. Flexible installation, wall type or back type, and can be installed in large groups
4. Modular structure can adjust the splicing and distribution units.
5. Suitable for ribbon and non-ribbon optic fibers.
6. Suitable for inserting installation ofSC, FC. ST (additional flange) adapters.
7.30o?=coblique installation of adapters, cpreventing eyes from laser's hurts and
ensuring the fiber bending radius.
8. Reliable fiber introduction, protecting, grounding and fixing.
9. The bending radii in any place are ensured to be more than fixing.
10. Realize the scientific management of the patch cords by using many groups of
fiber unit.
11. Realize up or down input by the simple adjustment of units, and clear identifiy.