Sell Orange Juice Concentrate

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SunImpex offers Orange Juice Concentrate which is obtained from fresh squeezed juice of mature oranges by crushing the interior of an orange. Concentrated Orange Juice extract is approximately five times more concentrated than squeezed juice. Concentration is useful as it extends the shelf life of the juice and makes storage and shipping more economical.

Orange juice is mainly marketed in three forms:
As a frozen concentrate- diluted with water after purchase;
As a reconstituted liquid, which has been concentrated and then diluted prior to sale; or As a single strength, unconcentrated beverage called NFC or Not from Concentrate.
The latter two types of Orange juice are also called as Ready To Drink -RTD juices.

Main Specifications:
Initial brix 13-15 Brix
Juice clarification Micro-filtration
Final brix 65-70 Brix
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