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The Power of NATURE at Work!

Man's very first cleaning product was the citrus fruit. The cleaning power lies in the natural citrus compound D'limonene.


-Distilled for added purity.
-No oily residue.
-No acidity.
-Economical concentrate formula.
-Mixes easily with water.
-Environmentally friendly and biodegradable.
-Powerful formula safely cleans and removes stains.
-Safe for all fabrics, dyed fabrics and even silk.
-Safe for finished and fine metals including chrome, stainless steel, silver, and brass.
-Safe for leather goods and upholstery including coats, furniture, car interiors, shoes, boots, saddles, and tack.


-Cleaning all house plants.
-Aphid and caterpillar control for gardens.
-Cleaning and deodorizing pets (Pet Power) .
-General Household Cleaning: walls, floors, sinks/tubs/toilets/tile, windows, counters, carpets, appliances including ovens.
-Removes any stains including grass, blood, tar, grease, crayon, glue, gum, permanent marker, tree sap, wax, scuff marks on any surface and won't harm painted surfaces or chrome.
-In the laundry for whitening, stain and odor removal.
-Industrial degreaser for shops, floors, benches, tools, machinery, and parts cleaning.
-Loosen tight or rusted bolts.
-Clean paint brushes and rollers.
-Automotive interior and exterior cleaning and degreasing.
-Power washing buildings, barns, stables to remove stains, grease, oil spills, soot, manure and urine.
-Breaks down waste and odors in RV holding tanks.
-Removes oils, grease and grime from boats, planes, ATV's, snow mobiles, motorcycles, and bikes.

ORANGE TKO is the most effective and economical cleaner and stain remover on the market. ORANGE TKO is effective because it is formulated from a high grade D'limonene and is presented in its purest form. Acting as an emulsifier, ORANGE TKO breaks down the molecular structure of foreign substances in suspension. The Stain Disappears!

In a diluted form, ORANGE TKO will not harm house plants or even a delicate rose. ORANGE TKO in its concentrated form will burn grass and plants, but when properly diluted, will even remove a lawn oil spill without harming the grass.

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Brand Name
Orange TKO
Supply Capacity
10,000 Cases Per Month
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
60 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
100 cases
Terms of Payment
L/C, ETF (T/T), Bank Draft
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FOB Jerome, Idaho