Sell Ordinay Port Land Cement

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Our Cement Complies to EN197-1/2000

And British Standards BS12/96

Our Cement Meets the International Standards

OPC 42.5 N Grade with fly ash Conform To European Stand

EN197-1/2000 and British Standards BS12/96

Packing:50 KG 3 Ply Kraft PP Bags. 2% Extra Bags
or Jumbo Bags and in Bulk

Quantity:Minimum 12500MT onwards CIF basis ASWP

Payment: FFDLC 100% at sight Irrevocable, confirmed, Non-Transferable/ Transferable , Auto revolving for monthly shipment qty. from Prime banks.

Inspection:SGS or equivalent at load port by seller

PB:2% by seller of the LC value

Origin:Ukraine/Russia/ Europe or any Origin at Seller Option


1. Confirmed LOI from buyer + BCL or an authorisation for a soft probe of buyer bank account

2. FCO from Supplier to Buyer

3. Buyer sign and send back FCO to supplier as token of their acceptance

4. Supplier sends Draft Contract for approval and Sign by the buyer

5. Buyer approves sign and send back the contract to the supplier sealed and signed Via FAx or E-mail(if any changes, deletion or addition this must be brought to notice of the supplier by the buyer) . The buyer also sends a draft L/C copy to supplier for their bank approval.

6. The POF Versus POP exchanged via bank swift

7. This contract will be binding on both the buyer and supplier until the original contract is sent via courier by the supplier to the buyer acceptance

8. The buyer opens the Non Operative Transferable L/C

9. Supplier furnishes the PB 2% which will activate the L/C

10. Shipments starts as per the schedule and time agreed upon by the buyer and supplier as per the contract.

Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Minimum Order Quantity
Terms of Payment
L/C at sight
Terms of Sale
Warranty Coverage