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Oregano Species: oregano Scientific Name: Origanum vulgare'Rogeukuppel ' Synonyms: Dian-Xiang Lei Section: Labiatae are: the case of oregano Morphological characteristics Evergreen perennial herb, lush growth, the growth of 25 centimeters high. To dark red autumn leaves. Growth habit Hi light, resistant barren, they are advised on good drainage Office sik. Hi alkaline soil, a good ground cover plants. Production distribution Originating in northern Africa and Asia, the distribution of cattle to the environmental impact of geography, Europe, northern Africa and Asia can produce a certain amount of oregano. In our country, cattle are mainly distributed in northern China to the northwest to around the south of the Yangtze River. Medicinal value With the whole plant of oregano volatile oil, mainly of a poly p Su, Xiang Schizonepeta phenol, thymol, geraniol acetate, such as diuretic, to promote the appetite, improve digestion, 去 痰 , the role of anti-bacterial, per 1 mg of anti-aging Su-containing superoxide dismutase micrograms 187.80 is the highest content of vegetables, and its very strong anti-oxidation function, the elimination of free radicals in its antioxidant effect, the must be 42 times higher than Apple, potato than high - out of 30 times, 12 times higher than the orange. Weixin oregano, sexual微 温 , there清 暑 relieving benefits of the role of water swelling. The whole plant of oregano essential oil can be extracted, it can be used as a medicine-Lei Hong, plants can use as a resource. As early as the Eastern Han Dynasty, people have cattle to as - the use of Chinese herbal medicines, it can be used to treat暑 湿 caused by fever, headache, body sleepy, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain and other symptoms. Also for the treatment of acute gastroenteritis, salmonella infection and other diseases. U. S. Department of Agriculture's "plant chemistry and plant species to study" shows that the background information, oregano contains over 30 kinds of antimicrobial compounds, and oregano may be a potential growth-promoting non-pharmacological agents. As concern to human health, antibiotics may give rise to an additive resistance of pathogenic bacteria so that the shortcomings of the use of antibiotics has been decreasing and the use of modern high-tech production of "all natural" feed additives has become the world's hot spots researchers and thus a deeper understanding of their cattle to a new type of non-pharmacological as growth promoters for reference. The use of small common sense: 1. Flowers can be used to treat colds, headaches, gastrointestinal pain, neurological diseases, to ease fatigue 2. Leaf extract cream to shampoo, bathing agent 3. Take 3-9 grams of oregano, tea水 煎 服 or drink can be a cold. 4. 250 grams of fresh oregano煎 水 bath, hot and humid governance itching skin. 5. Oregano 10 grams + perilla leaves 7 grams +灯 心 dishes 7 grams + 3 grams煎 服 day 3 followed by 2 cups, heat treatment of cold, cold nose, coughing or vomiting. 6. 煎 汤 beef juice, effective on rheumatoid arthritis and gum disease can gargle agent. 7. From fresh leaves or dry roasted sausage, poultry, beef and mutton, especially taste. 8. Check so fresh salads, 做 汤 , cooking, the smell of food will increase, and promote appetite. [Alias] soil Elsholtzia [Guizhou], white capillaris [Jiangxi, Yunnan], five vanilla, summer grass, Qi Hong, 满 坡 fragrant incense Manshan [Yunnan], small sweet grass [Source] Labiatae oregano for an oregano Origanum vulgare L. , to the whole plant medicine. When flowering夏 末 秋 初 harvesting Siegen will be the first cut since grass or grass will be uprooted, shaking the net sediment, created small to dry. Tropism of taste [] Xin Wen. [Indications] sudorific solution features in table, Huashi heat. For heat stroke, influenza, acute gastroenteritis, abdominal pain. [Usage consumption] 1 ~ 3 money.