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Modern research shows that it has the following efficacies: it contains comprehensive nutrients and can promote children's growth and development. It can strengthen the resistance of the elderly and have preventive and therapeutic effect to the gerontal diseases--eating honey regularly can prevent and treat cough, insomnia, cardiovascular disease, dyspepsia, stomach and intestine ulcers, constipation, as well as dysentery. It is the deserved winner of name,  the milk of the elderly. Honey is an ideal natural cosmetic, it has the effect of anti-inflammation, antisepsis and protecting wound surface ad it also has curative effect on dermatitis, hand and food splitting, cheilitis, stomatitis, frostbite and scaldiing. Honey is the good adjuvant treatment medicine of the liver-there are many ingredients in honey, which can enter into the blood directly and be absorbed and used by human body without the process through liver, the metabolic activity of the liver store and supply energy so as to ensure the liver function can bring into play normally. Honey has syngignoscism--the glucose, vitamins and magnesium, phosphorus, calcium in the honey can moisten nerve and regulate nervous system, so as to help promote the syngignoscism. Eating honey regularly can prolong life and have certain effect on hepatitis, heart disease, high blood pressure, nephritis and anemia.
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