Sell Organic Anti-aging Eye Cream

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Enriched in Soya EXT and GINKGO EXT, bring moisturizing to the eye skin, enhance the blood micro-circulation to eye, de-toxine, release fatigue of the eye, remove wrinkle , baggy, black orbit and eye tail line.
Mitiple nutrition can accelerate microcirculation to eyes, suppress the melanin and black orbit formation effectively.
The special essence can dispel fatigue of eyes, baggy, black orbit, reduce the wrinkle.
Persistently hydrate skin, keep moisture factor alive.
Easily to absorb, leave skin fresh without any oily sensation.
Use rose as the theme of aroma, make process more comfortable.
Pass sensitive skin test(not exactly sensitive for all) .

1, For moringcare and nightcare use. Apply proper amount on face including eyes around after using beauty hydrosol.
2, Apply UV-Proof skincare after using essence in the morning.
1, Storage Keep in dark , cool place and keep away from the sun or fire place
2, Should be far away from children
3, Cover it well after use
Manufacturing License: QB/T 1857-2004