Sell Organic Desicated Coconut

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Celebes Desiccated Coconut is produced from matured coconuts and the white coconut meat is granulated into the various desired sizes and is available as Macaroons, Medium, Flakes, Shreds, or Chips. It also comes either as Sweetened, or Toasted. All our products - desiccated coconut, banana chips, dried fruits, and virgin oil are Kosher & Organic Certified.

Celebes Desiccated Coconut is widely by the following sectors:

A. Confectionery Industry - used as a main flavor ingredient in chocolate enrobed bars as filler chocolate enrobed bars as filler in nut-based chocolate products, in fruit filled candy bars, and is a specialty confection items such as coconut brittle.

B. Bakery Products - used a major ingredient as toppings for cake, donuts, and a variety of other baked items. It is also an ingredient in biscuits and cookies to the extent that one major grade, "macaroon", has become synonymous with the cookie bearing its name.

C. Frozen Food Industry - used as topping and ingredient in ice cream and decorates many cakes and cup cakes items.

D. Food Processing - a growing market for is in packaged foods such as exotic vegetables, curries, and appetizers.

E. Food Service Industry - restaurant, hotels, hospitals, and other institutions continue to use coconuts in salad entrees and deserts for its nutritional and protein value.

F. Consumer Products industry - sold in sizeable volume in retail stores, in ready to cook prepared food, as well as in various size and packages for home-made pastries confections and an increasing number of home-made courses and other recipes.

Desiccated Coconut are packed in multi-ply kraft paper bags with inner sealed polyliner. Additional outer polywoven (PP) bags available upon request. We pack the desiccated coconut either in 25 pounds, 50 pounds, and 100 pounds, 12.5 kilos, 25 kilos, and 50 kilo bags. It comes also as toasted or sweetened per customer's request. Other cuts is also available base on buyer's specifications.