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Misai Kuching or Orthosiphon Stamineus Organic Herbal Tea.
Ingredients : 100% orthosiphon stamineus leaves
No Additives
No Preservatives
No Colourants
No Caffeine
Free from microbiological and heavy contamination
Packing : 3 gm x 40 sachets per box
Hygienically process in conforming to GMP standard
Consume : Adults or children on daily basis
Primary user : Diabetes
High blood pressure
Other ailments
Benefits : Help regulate blood sugar level
Help normalize blood pressure
Mild diuretic, help to enhance cleansing & removal of toxin
from body
Flush away acids accumulated in joints
Help to enhance health & well being irrespective of age group
inclusive of children
May taken at any time of the day as desired
Nutrition Facts :
Total calories kcal/100g 345
Total Fat % 0.04
Saturated Fat % 0.02
Sodium (as Na) mg/kg 813
Total Carbohydrate % 77.92
Dietary Fiber % 16.56
Sugars % 6.59
Protein % 7.89
Cholesterol NOT detected

Results : Proven satisfactory by individual on feedbacks.