Sell Organic Pigment-Fluorescence Pigment

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We sell printing pigment emulsion and organic pigment. Our Fluo pigment(organic) are
LD: 8001Fluo. Ruby Red, 8002Fluo. Orange Yellow, 8003Fluo. Lemon Yellow, 8004Fluo. Orange Red, 8005Fluo. Orange Yellow G, 8006Fluo. Green, 8007Fluo. Violet Pale Purple, 8008Fluo. Red Pale Purple, 8009Fluo. Gemstone Blue, 8010Fluo. Pinkii, 8011Fluo. Biggest Red, 8012Fluo. Golden Yellow, 8013Fluo. Pure White, 8015Fluo. Sky Blue.
And LP:
LP-8001Pink, LP-8002Orange-Yellow, LP-8003Chartreuse, LP-8004Orange-Red, LP-8005Orange, LP-8006Green, LP-8007Purple-Red, LP-8008Magenta, LP-8009Blue, LP-8010Red, LP-8011Cerise.