Sell Organic Plant Rose Beauty Hydrosol

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Abundant whiten nourish elements, all-sided supply nutrient, accelerate the metabolism of skin, restrain the melanin, prevent the dullness, and repair the cracked collagen fibre, accelerate the cells arrange ordered, enhance the whiten metabolism, strengthen the ability of repair, reached the nourish efficacy, nourish and whiten together, give you an unusual feeling!
* Suppress the melanin and freckle formation effectively.
* Improve aging skin and dry skin, smooth out wrinkles.
* VOCs of corneum can regenerate sturdy corneum, improve moisture and defence.
* Natural moisturisers can protect skin from dryness even in low temperatures.
* Use rose as the theme of aroma, make process more comfortable.
* Pass sensitive skin test(not exactly sensitive for all) .

1, After washing, apply with cotton wool .
2, Pat on face and neck evenly with sponge for better efficacy.
1, Be careful opening the cover at the first use .
2, Storage Keep in dark , cool place and keep away from the sun or fire place
3, Should be far away from children
4, Cover it well after use
5, Although whitening nutrient may change into yellow at bottleneck , the product standard is not effected
Manufacturing License: QB/T 1858.1-2006