Sell Organic Tian Hu Shan Green Tea (ORT-0001)

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Organic Tian Hu Shan Green Tea is a kind of Organic tea, which is yielded according to organic agricultured producing sustem and methods, and is not allowed to be polluted by any chemicals in processing, packing and delivery. And it has already been tstified by some organic tea certificate institutions.

Organic Tian Hu Shan Green Tea enjoys great reputation in many palces in the world. It becomes more popular in Europe recently. This kind of tea grows in Tian Shan is in high quality and is recognized as "Zheng Tian Shan Green Tea". According to record, Tian Shan green tea had once experienced a transforming and deepening period. In Song, Yuan and Ming Dynasty, we had many kinds of tea as gifts and sacrifice. About A. D. 1781, the bud tea growing in Tian Shan was listed as articles of tribute. After Ming and Qing Dynasty, Chaoqing strip-shaped tea took the predominance. After several transformings, until 1979, it was changed to be HOngqing green tea and this is the high quality , material for top grade flower tea. In history, Tian Shan green tea was famous for its fragrance, thick flavor, tenderness and enduranced to dunking. Since 7917, it has been kept ahead in tea meeting in regions and provinces. In 1982 and 1986, it has been entitled to the title of "famous tea".
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