Sell Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and RBD Coconut Oil

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Celebes is a primary source for the "Organic Certified" Virgin Coconut Oil, crude coconut oil, refined coconut oil, and its by-products. It is the country's leading supplier of highly diversified quality food products.

The companys first Coconut Oil Mill and Refinery was erected in 1992 and started producing 3,000 metric tons of coconut oil per month and has since then expanded. The output is exported worldwide.

Celebes chooses to embark on its highly strategic business decisions. Among these is organic certification for its products. Celebes is the first to obtain organic certification from a leading European certification organization for its coconut products, including oil and coconut chips. Organic certification is a guarantee that the product is grown by organic means, with no chemical or synthetic inputs. With organic food considered a key component of the growing worldwide trend for a healthier lifestyle, the global organic food volume of sales is predicted to reach US$ 100 billion by the year 2008.