Sell Organic Waterless Car Wash

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Save Water for drinking and watering our crops.

Many counties are having a drought. Our products sell well in these counties. Buyers use our products to start a mobile car wash.

We manufacturer waterless car wash product. Spray product on car and micro fiber towel. The product will lift dirt up and away from Car's surface. It will not harm your car's surface. It will protect car surface.

We have a wax that you just spray on and lightly buff. Wax stays on for months. Will not melt from the heat of the sun.

Biggest seller will wash and wax a car without using any water. One product that does it all!

All products contain the finest ingredients. Our waxes are a blend of the best waxes.

One waterless car wash product detailers like removes bugs, tar, bird droppings etc. They spray product on hard to clean area wait 3-5 minutes and dirt is removed easly. Then clean car with a waterless car wash and wax. Product is approved by USA EPA as a green, earth friendly product. It does not take longer to use this product. Have a two man team. One sprays products on cars while second man wipes clean and buffs wax.

Products can be shipped in concentrated containers. Saving you money on products and shipping. We ship worldwide.

One 5 gallon when mixed with water will clean 1200 to 1800 cars.