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Oriental Secret Soap (30 gr)

Oriental Secret Soap with 100% naturally pure Thai herbs. The vibrant colors of the Soap comes from the exotic herbs, fruits, legumes, grains and natural charcoal. The exotic herbs, fruits, grains, botanical essential oils and natural ingredients stands for the healthy effect of the Soap.
Our Certified Chemists and Perfumers have blended the purest natural botanical essential oils create a timeless and contemporary aroma. Simply named
True Love Scent. The sensuous aromatic True Love cent de-stresses the mind, body and soul, and awakens the senses. When blended with exotic herbs, the True Love Scent exudes its own distinctive warm, but nevertheless refreshing aroma.
The Oriental Secret Soap comes in 12 different Mixtures of the Ingredients.

Our soap is free of artificial colors, preservatives, lanolin, SD alcohol, formaldehyde, and animal products and by products.

No Sodium Lauryl, Sodium Sulfate or Sodium Hydroxide.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Cruelty-Free.
No animal testing.

Our mild soaps are gently handmade and hand-contoured so no two are exactly alike.
144 Pcs./Carton
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50 Cartons
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