Sell Orthopedic Fiberglass Casting Tapes (Orthoglass)

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Orthopedic Fiberglass Casting Tapes
Harmless to human health
Curable about 5 minutes
25 times stronger and 5 times lighter than P. O. P bandage
Proof against water and moisture
100% permeable to x-ray
Wind up a protective pad on the bone-wound part first.
Open the package with gloves. Immerse the casting tape into water at room temperature for 5-8 seconds. Squeeze out excess water.
Wind the casting tape onto the protective pad layer by layer, overlapping half width of every casting tape layer. Then press gently for intimate contact and proper shaping. It will be harden and set in 5-7 minutes.
Bandage Removal:cutting by an electric plaster saw.
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