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-Conformity and flexibilty
"Nemoa Cast", made of Polyester knitted tape, has multi-directional stretch (length, cross and diagonally) ; this makes it easier to wrap and shape the contours of the human body, especially bony prominences such as joints, elbows, ankles, heels, etc. , without tucking or folding.

-No waste problem
"Nemoa Cast", made of 100% Polyester, can be incinerated after use.

-Less dust
"Nemoa Cast", made of 100% Polyester, produces significantly much less dust than fiberglass products during removal with conventional cast saw after use. (Polyester dust is much less harmful than fiberglass dust)

Excellent X-ray translucency makes it easier to take a correct diagnosis and to examine the process of patient's recovery. "Nemoa Cast" is superior in radiolucency, compared to fiberglass as seen in the pictures below. This is especially important in the treatment of distal radius, ulna fractures or wrist bone fractures.

-Better sanitation
"Nemoa Cast", has moisture resistance and porosity, so it dries easily; prevents bad odors, skin complaints or other complications caused by moisture inside the cast.

-Easy removal
"Nemoa Cast" is easy to remove after use. Conventional cast saw or shears can be used for removal of the cast.

"Nemoa Cast", made of Polyester, has all the strength, rigidity and lightness you expect from fiberglass casting tapes. "Nemoa Cast" is 5 times as light as conventional plaster cast and 85% as light as fiberglass products.
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