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OSTRICH LEATHER Ostrich Leather is an exquisite and very exclusive leather, distinguished by its unique pattern of quill or feather sockets. The leather is very soft to touch and is both flexible and very durable, making it a perfect working material for the manufacture of luxury leather goods. The beautiful and unique pattern of ostrich leather has an appearance all of its own. Articles made out of ostrich are of an unsurpassed elegance. The ostrich leather has been and continues to be a symbol of distinction, a classic. Meticulously selected in the early stage, perfectly tanned and drum-dyed to get a product of beautiful appearance, ostrich as a material holds a unique character, differentiating your products from the rest. Ostrich leather is suitable for articles where durability is an important feature. In addition to boots and shoes, it is an excellent material for luggage, attachi cases, belts, golf bags and handbags. Ostrich leather is known for its unique quill marks and suppleness of the hide. Ostrich leather is one of the toughest, yet most pliable skins available. Full of natural oils, it resists drying, cracking and stiffness. At 10-14 months of age an ostrich will produce 12-15 square feet of hide (1,2 to 2 square meters) , weighs approximately 1,25kg. and is classified according to the quality in type I, II or III. The quality of the leather is classified depending on the dimension, the form, the quantity and caracteristics of the orifices of the feathers, the tanned and on the absence of defects as courts and tears. Leading fashion houses, such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Cartier, Prada and many others choose ostrich leather to exhibit its beauty and its high class status. The Leather: Medium seaze 14 square feet. (1,2 to 2 square meters) . Medium Weight 1,25kg. Cost USA 40 per square feet. A sample can be requested for send