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The Economic Type of High-Speed Patent-Automatic Vacuum-Thermoform Packing Machine
It is a small type of high-speed thermoform packing machine, Customers can choose the mould trays size 460~610mm. Among mould trays, you can ajust arbitrarily (screw) . Stripping shock can be adjusted between 0-9 times, two times install mould can protect molding product not to be distort, no cracks, fragile. This machine is the best choice for the product that difficult to Strip.

The cylinder diameter of mould below increased to 63mm, so that the balance scale levels greatly increased. Manual blowing of this machines can manufact product that is difficult to operate on moulding machines, will not deforma, and not damage the mold. It has aluminum alloy composition trays. The electric stove all around uses the sheet of metal manufacture, there is the heat preservation cotton and kapok material in sets, can make the thermal disappearing fall to the threshold, and is also equipped with the hand switch. The aluminum alloy summer beam is made by 6063 magnalium material. The two-row point triangle thermostable chain link is pulls the piece power. It has detention vacuum function, the quality is stable.