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All our products have been rigorously tried and tested in every situation they are designed for use in.

Our flytraps have been extensively field tested by Oxfam in the refugee camps of Africa and Sri Lanka. Fly borne disease is one of the main killers in these extreme situations and it has been estimated that between 50 and 75% of deaths are directly attributable to the diseases spread by the fly. Mr Woldhu Mahary, former Head of Public Health for Oxfam, described them as working like a hoover, filling up with flies as I watched.

Microtechs Research and Development program is aimed at creating new products that use only natural answers to pest and insect control problems. All products are not only effective but they are non-toxic and use 100% re-cyclable components.

This trap has been scientifically developed as a non-chemical alternative method of trapping and killing flies, their larvae and eggs. A specially developed natural bait is placed into the trap and water is added. This trap design has caught and killed nearly 20,000 flies over a six-week period.

It should be placed where flies gather, near dustbins, animal sheds or stables. It should be hung no higher than six feet from the ground. Where animals are likely to be in close proximity the trap should be placed out of their reach, as ingesting the plastic components could be harmful. The bait is non-toxic and non-poisonous.

Dispose of the trap contents in the compost heap or dustbin and re-cycle the plastics.

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