Sell Outdoor High Voltage Droping Fuse series

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This kind of Fuse series are applied in the electric power systems of AC50Hz, rated voltage 12KV and 35KV. They works to the short circuit, protection of overload in the electric power net and the electric equipment , also works to break and make the electricity.
1: Ambient temperature: upper limit +400, lower limit -150, no exceeding +350 in day mean value.
2: Altitude: No exceeding 1000m.
3: environmental humidity: no exceeding 95% in daily average of relative humidity.
No exceeding 90% in monthly average of relative humidity.
4: Earthquake intensity: No exceeding 8.
5: There should be no danger of inflammability and explosion, no chemical corrosion and intensive vibration at the operation place. The user should indicate in the order if you have some special needs.
ISO9001, ISO14001