Sell Outdoor Tap&Splitter

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ADC 12 aluminum alloy housing is finished with a baked acrylic paint to protect from the elements.
Neoprene sealed and nicked plated brass for all ports "F-(f) " .
Aerial or pedestal installation with 5/8" port entry.
Provides uninterrupted power and RF service when the faceplate is removed.
All ports impedance: 75 Ohm.
In to out current passing: 10A 60VAC/DC.
The 100dB RFI integrity is maintained by the use of tongue and groove design and with a stainless steel mesh RFI gasket
Hum modulation: >=66dB @ 10A
insertion loss (dB) (5-40) MHz <3.9
(40-470) MHz <4.1
(470-860) MHz <4.5
(860-1000) MHz <5.5
mutual isolation(dB) (5-40) MHz >25
(40-470) MHz >28
(470-860) MHz >22
(860-1000) MHz >22
return loss (IN/OUT)
(dB) (5-40) MHz >16
(40-470) MHz >16
(470-860) MHz >16
(860-1000) MHz >16