Sell Outdoor hot tub SPA003

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Product Information
Type: SPA-003
Size: 2080X2080X920mm
Brand : PARES
Product guide:
Seating capacity: 5
Dimension: 2080x2080x920mm
Water capacity: 1350L
Weight (berore and after adding water) : 312/1662kg
Light color : Color LED lights
Audio device : 2.1-channel (optional)
Jets: 24
Control system: balboa
Heater: 3KWx1
Pump parameters : 2HP(P1:1.5KW, P2:0.35KW) x1
Air parameters: /
Ozone device: yes
Filtration range: 50sq. ft 100% loop filter
Corve: yes

The above block dimensions is for plastic wooden skirt board, if you choose solid wood for skirt board, the dimensions of length and width needed to be increase 80mm respectively
Brand Name
Model Number
SPA 003