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1. Outstanding voltage regulation performance:output is within 230/400vac+/-3% under a normal input range of 400vac +/-20%
2. No switching of power path and unit always starts up on sine wave zero crossing
3. Over-voltage cutoff, with automatic restart when ac mains voltage returns to normal (safe) condition.
4. Failsafe: automatic bypass (even during bypass, the over-voltage protection is active)
5. Lightweight design
6. A three phase low-impedance isolation transformer is used
for maximum reliability
7. Coordinated surge protection per IEC61312
8. Advanced noise and interference filter reduces dV/dt from 6kV/5s to less than 10V/5s
9. Pedestal-mountable cabinet
10. Common-mode noise elimination
11. IP23 outer enclosure with sensitive components housed in an IP55 inner case (overall equivalent to IP44/NEMA-3R)
Product Details:
Moderns Outdoor automatic precision voltage regulator with built-in low-impedance isolation transformer allows trouble-free operation of electronic equipment over a very wide mains ac voltage range of 400V+/-20% found in many developing countries.

There is no switching of taps nor any break in the power path thanks to continuous pulse width modulation (PWM) switching of buck-boost transformer primary winding.

Designed for applications where absolutely safe and precisely regulated ac power is required, such as:
1. radio base stations (RBS) ,
2. telecommunication transmission sites for backhaul (including microwave links) ,
3. TV/ radio broadcasting,
4. industrial equipment and end-of-line utility equipments.
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