Sell Outdoors heavy bamboo floor

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1, strictly selects 5 year above 100% high quality bamboo is the rawmaterial.
2, the surface uses import high-level UV paint ultraviolet raysolidification processing, protects from fire anti- burns, hard iswear-resisting.
3, the luster nature simple and elegant, warm is gentle, trulyachieves "by a bamboo generation of wood".
4, through special craft processing, the quality of material precisehard, wear-resisting does not distort but the rich elasticity, anti-does the humidity to be strong
5, Through special craft processing, hard is wear-resisting, protectsfrom fire anti- burns.
6, use waterproofing glue water, two-sided skid resistantconcave-convex level design.
7, is strict "the three-defense" processing: Mildewproof processing, insectproof processing, antiseptic treatment.
8, the perfect lifelike log effect, satisfies the people to thenature, to individuality pursue. High strength, water resistant, weather fastness energy, the ordinary woodware is unable to compare. Luster bright, surface smooth, quality remarkable, style lofty, usesthe unique formula, the special-purpose anti- aged chemical additive, guarantees the outward appearance to be long is not newly old.
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