Sell Oval type metal gasket

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Item: MR 6500OV
Aiflon RJG is machined from solid metal in a variety of shaps and designed for high pressure, high temperature or highly corrosive applications the most suitable material and shape.
As a professional manufacturer and a distributor of Inconel Alloy, Monel, Ti, Hastelloy Alloy and Zr materials, we are specialied in producing Spiral Wound Gasket(SWG) , Ring Joint Gasket(RJG) , Kamprofile Gasket, Serrated Gasket and so on with above special materials.
With proper channels affording us excellent quality material and ample experience in processing gaskets and flanges, we provide service of these rare special metal supporting, producing and so on. The company has been found and conformed according to ISO 9001 and has got API certification.
We can provide materials for gaskets and sealing materials as follows:Inconel Alloy(20,600,625,800,825,1600) , Monel(400,500) , Ti, Hastelloy(B-2, C-22, C-276, C-2000, G-30) , Zr(702,705) , Aluminum, Brass, Flexible graphite, Asbestos, Non-asbestos, Garlock, Core, Klinger, Flxitallic and so on.