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Overhead retractable display units are installed under the overhead luggage bin. The retractable monitors swing downward from the luggage bin to show the safety video, informational videos, or movies for passenger enjoyment. In the event of loss of power or video input signal, the monitors are designed to retract automatically back into the underside of the luggage bin. The auto-retract feature improves flight safety as well as providing more efficient use of space in the airplane. Currently an 8.4" Retractable Display is in production, while a larger 10.4" retractable is in the final stages of development.

RTCA: DO-160C;
JAR/FAR: 14CFR25.789 Retention of items of mass in passenger and crew compartment and galleys
14CFR25.853 (a, b) Compartment interiors
14CFR25.1301 (a, b) Function and Installation
14CFR25.1431 (a) Electronic Equipment