Sell Overhead Short Circuit Fault Indicator

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The tye HYI-AIV short circuit fault indicators are designed to quickly and easily locate faulted sections of over-head distribution systems up to 69kV. They provide a reliable means of fault location and isolation. In addition, they eliminate fault chasing methods which are costly and time consuming, and very stressful on system components exposed to the fault currents. The indicators have been designed to operate primarily on uninsulated, unshielded conductor or cable but may also be used on an unshielded insulated cable such as tree wire.

Standard features include replaceable lithium battery and improved C-Clamp hotstick mount with automatic torque limiting wihich guarantees proper mounting on conductors with diameters from 5 to 30 millimeters. The red LED indicator is visible at night, while its on-off blinking helps to prevent misreading in bright sunlight. Field testing for proper operation of trip and reser functions can be manually triggered.

The HYI-AIV incorporates choices of LED, inrush or "adaptive trip circuit logic" and both time and current reset options. Optional radio accessories are ready for SCADA applications.