Sell Overlaying Film Machine (tf-90/110/120)

Overlaying Film Machine (tf-90/110/120) You May Also Be Interested In: laminated steel steel roller
The functions and character:
1. Base and wainscot adopts cast-iron structure and will never be deformed, which can ensure it not to affect the precision during the process of application, maintenance and change of units.
2. Glue-coating roller and limited-glue roller are precisely made; the error of concentric degree of roller will be controlled under 0.01mm to ensure its even glue coating, at the same time, save the applied glue.
3. Thermic-laminated steel roller has been conducted precise mirror surface handling, so the brightness of the finished products of laminating filmis excellent.
4. Automatic electric constant-temperature device.
5. Hydraulic-pressure system features in unique design, precision and stability.
*It can be equipped with whole-roll paper-conveying device, which is suitable for laminating of whole roll of paper material.
*We can produce dua-propose machine for water-varnish and oil-vanish according to requirement of user.