Sell Overlock Sewing Machine

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Ratchet wheel action feeding and floating action pressure foot to give you a high-quality, wrinkle-free product for thin to medium heavy materials.


1. To be widely adaptable to light-to heavy weight material
Extra high throw type of the upper looper has been adopted as standard. This greatly widens applicability of the machine ranging from light to heavy weight materials. The presser foot goes up as high as 6.5mm, the multi-layer portion of material can be smoothly fed under the presser foot and the material can be easily placed under it.

2. With its low noise and vibration mechanisms of the most advanced level, the machine promises a comfortable working environment.
The hermetically sealed structure of the needle bar mechanism is improved, this prevents noise generated by the needle bar mechanism from reaching outside. The high precision of the machine's parts and the optimally balanced design of its mechanisms have been developed. The machine achieves the low noise and vibration operation that has never achieved by a conventional machine.

3. The machine demonstrates consistent sewing capabilities even when sewing heavy weight material.
Extra high throw type of the upper looper, a tractor foot and coarse feed dog have been provided for the machine intended for extra heavy weight materials. Among competitive machines of the equivalent class, the machine demonstrates superb practicality when sewing heavy weight material including jeans.

4. Easy maintenance and operation.
Maintenance ability has been dramatically improved by the looper cover that can be easily dusted and an oil filter that is completely leak-proof during oil exchange. Future more, easier operation is achieved by an improved threading mechanism and a push button-controlled feed pitch adjusting mechanism. Just as in all Kinglion machines, thoughtful consideration has been given to ensure that the GN3300 series will have a longer service life.

GN-3318 DCX27
9#-14# 3 1:2.9-1:0.6 2 0-3.6 6.50mm 6500 370 25/30 48x37x50
GN-3304 DCX27
9#-14# 3 1:2.9-1:0.6 4 0-3.6 6.50mm 6500 370 25/30 48x37x50
GN-3314 DCX27
9#-14# 4 2mm 1:2.9-1:0.6 3 0-3.6 6.50mm 6500 370 25/30 48x37x50
GN-3316 DCX27
9#-14# 5 3mm 1:2.9-1:0.6 4 0-3.6 6.50mm 6000 370 25/30 48x37x50

.GN-3318: Especial thin 3 thread overlock suit to sew the socks.
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