Sell Overlock Sewing Machine

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Ratchet wheel action feeding and floating action pressure foot to give you a high-quality, wrinkle-free product for thin to medium heavy materials.


To be widely adaptable to light-to heavy weight material:
Extra high throw type of the upper looper has been adopted as standard. This greatly widens applicability of the machine ranging from light to heavy weight materials. The presser foot goes up as high as 6.5mm, the multi-layer portion of material can be smoothly fed under the presser foot and the material can be easily placed under it.

Suitable for overlocking of trousers and other basic sewing.

Suitable for operation of underwears of hosiery and insertion of tape.

Suitable for straight sewing of trousers,nightwear and sportwear.

Suitable for side and inner cotter sewing of extra heavy cowboy suit,with double-board presser foot for extra heavy-thickness material.

GN-8003 1 3 0.7-2 4 1.1-3.8mm 5.5mm 7000 370W 25/30 48x35x48
GN-8004 2 3 2mm 0.7-2 4 1.1-3.8mm 5.5mm 6500 370W 25/30 48x35x48
GN-8005 2 4 3mm 0.7-2 4 1.1-3.8mm 5.5mm 6500 370W 25/30 48x35x48
GN-8005H 2 5 5mm 0.7-2 4 1.1-3.8mm 5.5mm 6500 370W 25/30 48x35x48
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