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Ovulation Detection Device ia a whole new way to monitor your ovulation cycle. Unlike messy and expensive urin tests, Ovulation Detection Device is easy to use, noninvasive, reusable, durable, and very affordable. Ovulation Detection Device uses your bodys natural saliva to determine if you are ovulating, through a process called ferning. Ferning crystal patterns are clearly visible as you approach ovulation. These patterns are unique to hormonal changes during the female menstrual cycle.
What is Ovulation Detection Device
It is an ovulation monitor (mini - microscope) that uses saliva not urine. It is so durable & easy to use you'll love its flexibility. Use It any day of the week and at any time. No more messy, expensive, inflexible tests for you!

In 1992 , a study involving 300 women from an IVF (in vitro fertilization) program was created at the 2nd Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics in Brno, Czechoslovakia. Patients were instructed in the use of a handheld microscope to observe salivary ferny. In all of the patients, the cycle was stimulated by means of clomiphene citrate/CC/ Gravosan Spofa/and hMG/Pergonal Serono/. Follicular growth was monitored with a 7 MHz US vaginal sound/Kretz/. Serum 17 beta oestradiol and LH levels were evaluated daily by radio-immune methods. Basal temperature was also recorded daily. This study found a definite correlation between oestrogen activity and crystallization of saliva, between LH curve and crystallization of saliva and between follicular growth and crystallization of saliva. The study, which used a PC-2000 microscope, classified reliability as "very high level, " and claimed that combining the sympto-thermal method with the microscope method resulted in a 99% reliability rate.
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