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Oxalic Acid, also called Ethanedioic Acid is a colourless, crystalline, carboxylic acid belonging to the family of dicarboxylic acids. with the formula H2C2O4.2H2O. soluble in water, alcohol, and ether. Oxalic acid is found in many plants, e. g. , sorrel and rhubarb, usually as its calcium or potassium salts.
Oxalic acid is the only possible compound in which two carboxyl groups are joined directly; for this reason oxalic acid is one of the strongest organic acids. Unlike other carboxylic acids (except formic acid ) , it is readily oxidized; this makes it useful as purifying agent in pharmaceutical industry, special in antibiotic medication, such as Oxytetracycline , Chloramphenicol, etc; Precipitating agent in Rare-earth mineral processing; Bleaching agent in the textile activities, wood pulp bleaching.
Specification for Oxalic Acid
Synonyms:Ethanedioic acid, dihydrate
Formula: C2H2O4 2H2O
CAS No. : 6153-56-6
Molecular Weight: 126.07
Product Specification
Product Properpties Standard Specification
Content 99.6% min
Sulphate(SO42-) 0.08%max
Heavy metal (Pb) 0.001% max
Iron (Fe3+) 0.0015% max
Chloride (Cl-) 0.003% max
Residue 0.08% max