Sell Oxalic Acid

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Properties:Oxalic acid forms fine colourless crystals, readily soluble in water, with light nitrogen oxides-like odour. Oxalic acid dihydrate begins to dissociate at temperature over 30 0C. If heated quickly, it melts at 101.5 0C, anhydrous oxalic acid melts at 180 0C.
Density at 18 0C, kg/m3 1653
Crystal size: 70 % from 0,2 to 0,7 mm

The product has The Certificate awarded by State Test Institute of Chemical Industry Zlmn
Purifying agent in pharmaceutical industry, special in antibiotic medication, such as Oxytetracycline , Chloramphenicol , etc;
Precipitating agent in Rare-earth mineral processing;
Bleaching agent in the textile activities, wood pulp bleaching;
Rust-remover for Metal treatment;
Grinding agent, such as Marble polishing;
Waste water treatment, removing calcium from water.

Packing: 25/50 kgs grey colour PP bag of top grade linerfilm, good properties of waterproof and avoid water, solarization;