Sell Oxalic Acid

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Product Name: Oxalic Acid
Molecular Formula: ( COOH )2. 2H2O
Molecular Weight: 126.07
CAS NO: 6153-56-6
Chemical Structure:

Boiling Point: 149-1600
Melting Point: 1010
Specific Gravity: 1.653

Appearance White free flowing crystal
Purity ( H2C2O4.2H2O) , % 99.6min
Sulphate (SO4) , % 0.01max
Chloride (Cl) , % 0.001max
Iron (Fe) , % 0.0015max
Heavy Metal (Pb) , % 0.001max
Ash (850C) , % 0.08max

1. Purifying agent in medicine industry, especially in antibiotic medicine such as Oxytetracycline, Chloramphenicol.
2. Precipitating agent in rare mineral processing.
3. Bleaching agent in textile industry and wood pulp industry.
4. Antirust for metal industry
5. Grinding agent, for Marble polishing.

Packing: 25kg woven bag, 22mt per 20ft container
Storage: Store in cool and dry place.