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Oxolinic Acid Powder

[Indication]: It is used for the treatment of Pseudotuberculosis of weever item fish; Furuncles of menhaden item fish; Vibriosis of sweetfish; Enteritis of cyprinidae fish; Red-fin disease, red spot disease and ulcer of eel and Vibriosis of prawn etc. .
[Usage and Dosage]: Calculate according to Oxolinic Acid. Mixing with baits (mixing with feed, 200g/T, for 5-7 days continuously) , once, every 1kg avoirdupois:
Fish: weever item pseudotuberculosis 1-30mg for 5-7days
menhaden item furuncles 5-10mg for 5-7 days
(except sweetfish) vibriosis 5-20mg for 3-5 days
sweetfish vibriosis 2-5mg for 3-7 days
cyprinoid enteritis 5-10mg for 5-7 days
Eel species: red-fin disease 5-20mg for 4-6 days
red spot disease 1-5mg for 3-5 days
ulcer 20mg for 5 days
Shrimp: prawn vibriosis 6-60mg for 5 days
[Notice]: when using this product on eel, during 25 days before eat, daily changing rate of the breeding water should be more than 50%.
[Withdrawal period]: 5 reeves shad 16days, sweetfish 21 days, rainbow trout 21 days, eel 25 days, cyprinoid 21 days.
[Specification]: 10%