Sell Oxygen Skin Treatment System

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Product descriptions:
Oxygen system equipped with four parts:oxygen filling gun, oxygen sprayer, oxygen inhaling meter and oxygen mask, which is mainly for making up oxygen for face in order to let your face looked much more younger and tender, Especially when you use the oxygen system combining with IPL, you will find the fantastic result after the whole range treatment.
Treatment Range:
1. Freckle, acne, blood vessel and so on
2. Wrinkled skin, slacked dry, sensitive, thin cortex, sagging and rough
3. Auxiliary therapy for non-uniform color suit
4. Suit for skin care after skin treatment by IPL, RF, acne treatment, etc.
5. Provide adequate oxygen for skin. Enhance the activity of cells and improve skin texture.
6. Reborn injured skin, refresh the health of skin, providing skin absorption of nutrients.

Model: HF-501
Technical Specifications:
Oxygen flow:0-3L/Min
Oxygen purity:93%
Oxygen pressure: 0.03-0.07Mpa
Pure oxygen spray pressure: 0.02-0.04 Mpa
Machine noise: <=40 dB
Power: 300 W
Power supply: AC110V/15A/60Hz AC220V/8A/50Hz