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Flange form feedin mouth and discharge mouth, with makes it easy to change the dryer.

There is peep sight for watch the using condition of the dryer, in order to change it in time

to ensure the Oxgen got of good quality.

Reasonabledesign, which can ensure the air be fully absorbed by the air, and keep the drew point stable.

PLC control, easy and safe to operate, .

Adopts advanced pistontype pneumatic break valve, can switch automatically, can be used safely over

1000 000times

Special Air Diffusing device, recycled automatically to ensure long life use of the dryer.

BH2SERIES absorbing styled air pressing Oxygen Generator is a machine according to the principle of

PSA pressure swing adsorption for air drying and pressing. In proper air pressure, to press the air from

bottom up, the air will go accross the absorbing layer, which can absorb the water and azote and other

substancesin order to improve the oxygen and get it dried.

With small amount of dry air and the absorbing layer, to wipe away the water from the absorbing layer, then

the absorbing layer is recycled. And this is the process of air pressing absorbing.