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PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology, which is deffirent from traditional cryogenic technology, is going to more and more popular used for air separating. Each gas has a specific adsorption rate when they pass through the vessel filled with molecular sieves (Zeolite molecular sieves) under a swing pressure. Most of Nitrogen molecules are trapped by ZMS, and other gases(Oxygen gas) are collected out for production gas.

However, the molecular sieves might be saturated with trapped nitrogen molecules, so it need to depressurized to regenerate for next cycle. In that case, we always design a twin-vessel structure to achieve a continuous production of oxygen gas, so that the lowest energy consumption and best efficiency can be realized.

Industries Served:
Glass burning & blowing, Ozone generation industry, Aquaculture, Gold mining, Paper and pulp, industrial use, healthcare, combustion-supporting, medical use, hospitals, water-treatment and so on. . .

ShinTek STPO-F-Series Oxygen generator with Cylinder Filling station, which contains air compressor, dryer, filters, diaphragmatic compressor, cylinder filling station (cylinder filling manifolds) and related control system, has earned a very good reputation in both China mainland and overseas markets. It is customized for filling oxygen cylinders.

The complete set of oxygen generation system will be pre-tested already before leave factory. Turn-key project can be realized.
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