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Product Name: Ozone Air Purifier
Model No. : OAP-2

Products Detail:
1. Decompose toxic air, especially toxic carcinogen such as formaldehyde and benzene which releasing from interior decoration or furniture.
2. Disinfect and eradicate bacteria, epiphyte, virus, and acarus, prevent and reduce the chance of getting infectious disease.
3. Deodorize stale and foul odors in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and sickroom.
4. Decompose nicotine and tar inside cigarette smoke. Eliminate remnant CO and hazardous substance from the smoke in the kitchen.
Ozone Output: 200mg/hr
Fan Output: 52CFM
Voltage: AC120V/60Hz/220V/50Hz
Power Consumption: Less than 15W
Standard working temperature: 20
Size: 300*205*55mm
Net Weight: 1.2kg
Remote Controller: Rang up to 6m
Uses 2 AAA 1.5V battery

1. It has 9 types of working cycles
For daily air purifying, Operating Mode No. 1 to 6, people and pets can stay in the room while the purifier is working.
For unoccupied room, Operating Mode No. 7 to 9, people and pets leave the room. Please get into the room 20 min after the purifying is finished.
2. It is with remote controller
3. The unit is not waterproof sealed; For indoor uses only.