Sell Ozone Air purifier

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Product Name: Ozone Air purifier
Model No: OAP-1
Dimension: 280*190*70mm
Voltage: AC220-240V
Power: 12W
Timer: ON/0--30min
Ozone Output: 200mg/h (can be 100mg/hour)
Pump Output: 2--3L/min
Effective Area: 10--20 m2
Cord length: 1.2m (on the top)

1. Ozone is one kind of effective disinfectant with the features of quick-act, broad-spectrum, no pollution and can fill the whole place evenly
2. Ozone generator for water and air can be used easily, applied to many aspects
3. Patent technology that ozone produced by discharging in a pipe, with long life and little oxynitride
4. Add an interference unit, low magnetic radiation, no interruption to other electronic equipments and theirs circuits

Main functions
Sterilize fruit and vegetable, keep food fresh
Water treatment: when it is connected with the soft tube on the bottom, the fan will stop working, then the product can be used for sterilizing water.
Air purification: when it isn't connected with the soft tube, the net on the bottom will distribute the ozone, so it can purify the air.