Sell Ozone Generator NI-3500mg

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Model Name: NI-3500mg
Ozone Output: 3500mg/hr
Fan: 85CFM
Voltage: AC110-120V or AC220-240V
Power Consumption: 110W
Working environmental: 6-300
Standard working temperature: 200
Size: 300mmX180mmX140mm
Net Weight: 3.5 kg
Power Cable: included
Case: Stainless Steel

Disinfection features:
Better for washing fish, meat and food. Keeping them fresh for long hours.
Chemicals, cancer-inducing substances hidden in vegetables and rice can be removied by the machine.
Used for washing hands before meals to sterlize without any other disinfecting water, convenient and cost-effective.
Making oxygen rich beautification and skin improvement, rinse mouth for cleaning teeth and removes stain, washes face and removes acnes.
Cleaning for home using textiles: Clean women and infants articles and towels to disinfect without any disinfecting water.
Disease preventing effection: Treating and preventing diseases, an unexpected curative effect can be obtained in treating gray nails.
Daily using: Producing better effect on disinfection in watering flowers, feeding fish and cleaning pets.
Air purifying: It extremely purifies the air and removes toxic substances including bacteria, lampblack and ordors.
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