Sell Ozone O3/Oxygen Bar/AnionGenerator/Air Cleaner for Car

Ozone O3/Oxygen Bar/AnionGenerator/Air Cleaner for Car You May Also Be Interested In: air cleaner blue lamp oxygen bar power divider tinsel
This product produces the ozone and anion can rapidly eliminate the car inside's soot, peculiar smell and have force sterilization, the purification air, make the car as like bathes in the forest.
*100% Brand New
*The Newest Technology of 2006
*The anion is called 'in the air of Vitamin', is beneficial to the humans health
*Purification blood improve the breath skill.
*Promotion metabolism.
*The adjustment internal secretion, relaxes the strain mood.
*Elimination positive charge to bodys (bronchial tube) stimulating.
*Has the best medicine function, and can effectively reduces the cough, sneezes, asthmas incidence of a disease.

*Is suitable in all 12V car power, the product direct insertion the port fire the blue lamp bright denote enter the work estate this product is plug and play. According to the personal demand time when working. Have not establishment another independent switch.

Size: 82mm (L) x 20mm (Dia)
Working Voltage: DC 12V (Car Power)
Ozone density:3mg/h
Anion density:>=60 million/CM 3
Operating current:<60MA
*Please do not unbending teardown this, the interior has the high voltage, do not open this product when the have electric.
*Please do not let the tiny tinsel enter the inside when you using, lest make the malfunction.
*Please tear off the plug after you use it, prevented the accumulator cell over-tension damages this machine.
*Please do not use the acidity or alkalinity cleanser to scours the surface.
*Close the power source to stop using when the window and door open, to make lengthens the service life.
*When you leave the car, please take off the power divider from the smoke mouth.