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Item No. & Name: NIHS-005 Anion Air Purifier
Rated Voltage: DC 12 V, AC 220/110 V
Power Consumption: 6 Watt
Anion Output: >= 1.0 W 105 /cm3
Active Oxygen Output: <= 0.06 ppm
Applicable Area: 30 m2
Dimension: 21W19.5W40 cm
Weight: 2.00 kg

Air Purifiers destroy bacteria, odors, smoke, biological agents, viruses, and chemical pollutants in the air and helps eliminate odors without any harmful by-products. It cannot be compared to filters that just attract pollutants and pathogens

Negative oxygen ion air purification:produced oxygen ion creates the atmosphere of forest which can ease the tension, die off the harmful substances in the air as well.

Beautiful looking and strong function.