Sell Ozone health massage shower panel

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Product Description:

1. Acrylic eco-friendly materials
2. At the top big head
3 Massage small nozzle
4. Sprinkler
5 racks

Technical parameters:

Voltage: 220V
Power: 18W
Ozone concentration: about 0.2 ~ 0.4 (depending on water temperature, the concentration would change)
Water: 6L/min
Packaging volume: 0.061 cubic

Ozone massage shower screen role in health and Application:

Ozone shower (Health hydropathy) and its application

Ozone shower (hydropathy health) , is the use of ozone in the bath water pass, so that ozone dissolved in the water contains large quantities of ozone into the ozone water, then soak, a healthy Hydrotherapy Bath. Ozone Bath is now a new method of health-care bath, since the nineties of the last century, because of its health care functions, gradually been widely welcomed both at home and abroad.

Ozone (O3) is the oxygen (O2) of allotrope, known as reactive oxygen species, because of its molecular oxygen more than one oxygen atom, so easy to produce one oxygen atom into a molecule of oxygen, this has just been released The oxygen atom has a strong oxidizing power, second only to industrial use of fluoride, chlorine disinfection is 600-3000 times cresol stock solution of 300 times, you can kill Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, Clostridium botulinum, tetanus bacteria, herpes virus, hepatitis B virus (HBV) , the AIDS virus (HIV) and so on. To pure ozone gas dissolved in the water bath, the formation of hydrogen peroxide to Bath, on the human body can play a sterilization, disinfection, whitening, improve immunity, reduce fatigue, health effects, especially for hotel, bath center, hospitals, family bath. Ozone in the family bath, home can be equipped with a shower screen ozone, the home screen of the concentration of ozone shower purity are suitable for family use, will not produce harmful nitrogen oxides. Its size and shape are suitable for high-grade family bathroom, and public bathing places, placed in the bath room, open the valve, the air will be sucked into an endless stream of shower screens, through ionization of oxygen in the air into ozone. The ozone dissolved in water, and then proceed to shower.
As a result of natural disinfection with ozone sterilization, therefore, is an ideal health-care treatment in a water bath. In addition, ozone can eliminate surface and air in a variety of different odor, or to improve the living environment of a good helper. First of all, ozone bath can be decomposed human skin bacteria and dirt. Human skin has numerous pores, their main function is to enable the skin to breathe and the body of waste will be part of the in vitro role of excretion. However, the existence of the human body surface of many bacteria and dirt, often these will plug the pores, hindering breathing and metabolic pores. Through the ozone-water immersion, the body can break down the surface of bacteria and dirt, so that the metabolism of the skin strong, translucent and smooth.

In addition, when ozone in the wash bath, it was also the most relaxed time of the human body, the body will have the law of the pores to expand and open. Ozone can also sweat through the skin into the subcutaneous port and sebum, the skin to stimulate nerve tip, causing the nerve reflex, at the same time to enter the capillary, with the blood circulation to the body of the organization, in various organs, organs to play a different role. In addition to oxidation, but also the warm water role in promoting the metabolism, activation of cells, removal of garbage in vivo liver, kidney, intestinal toxins, the improvement of skin disease, respiratory and circulatory system diseases, blood system, nerve system and the endocrine system and the immune system, the digestive and urinary systems, as well as aspects such as anti-cancer effects are obvious. According to the Japanese hot springs medical information will provide a total of more than 80% efficient, such as day care from time to time ozone bath time, the body can completely relax, the brain is fully rest.

Ozone wash bath, in order to allow the human body in an ozone bath can feel more comfortable, the experts generally advocate the use of ozone-way shower, the water temperature about 38 0 -41 0 better. Shower to ozone, the body will be a large number of sweat pores extreme expansion of the water in the water and breathing ozone directly, as if the general sauna, the skin to stimulate peripheral nerves to the metabolic (endocrine) have the central role of reflection, and excretion through the pores body dirt, play a role to prevent and cure diseases. In short, with prevention of ozone bath, beauty and anti-aging, the prevention of obesity, the role of longevity, often the implementation of the ozone health care will let you Bath youth forever! It will give you the feeling of new life!
Ozone Shower (Hydrotherapy) to improve the effectiveness of the symptoms:

In order to let everyone enjoy the ozone in the shower of its effectiveness when there is clear understanding and a more rational application of it, first of its effectiveness are summarized as follows:

(1) , a powerful disinfectant, disinfectant effect and can inhibit the growth of pathogenic micro-organisms and breeding to enhance leukocyte phagocytic capacity and improve immunity. Prevent all types of skin diseases, infections, gynecological disease.

(2) , the expansion of blood vessels and increase blood oxygen carrying capacity, can reduce cholesterol, prevent high blood pressure, atherosclerosis and heart-related complications. Inhibit cancer-causing viruses, to promote the body fight infection and cancer.

(3) , activated cells, the body from free radicals, there may be excreted in liver, kidney, intestines of toxins, and strengthening the liver, kidney and intestinal function. Beauty has played a fundamental essence of the effect of beauty.

(4) , the promotion of metabolism, endocrine regulation, the body can accelerate the excretion of the stains were not there, so that the health of the body to reach and remove obstacles to menopause, is long-term health status of youth.

(5) , and the role of tension, improve blood flow to the rapid resumption of movement, work fatigue. The shoulder and waist pain, cold hands and feet, such as particularly effective. Will enable the total liberation of the skin, bones and tendons of mind and brain to relax completely.

(6) , there is oxidative degradation of ozone petrochemical complex in vivo and the role of excess fat, and can improve the immune and metabolic function, and to some extent from renewable sources to prevent the stones to improve the physical fat.

(7) , the daily ozone wash from time to time more than one half bath, the effect is more obvious every day along with food, drinking water and air are ozone treatment, you will have a vibrant, healthy body beautiful