Sell Ozone tap - Faucet

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Product Description:
The modular design by optimizing the ozone technology and the perfect combination of high-grade sanitary ware faucet, a stainless steel disinfection can effectively tap.
一 . Features:
Standard interface and the water, beautiful
The integration of design, not peripheral devices.
Low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection.
Intelligent working principle, colleges and universities to generate instantaneous ozone water disinfection.
Conversion product design features hot and cold water, hot and cold water can be self-regulating.
Intelligent control technology, the ozone concentration of ozone water in line with the national civil standards, the use of safe, reliable, and effective sterilization, the world's leading technology. Product design, long service life.
Product discharge tube technology, the machine has a high-performance mixed-ozone system, mixed with water directly out of high concentration ozone water. Easy to install and easy to use.
Automatic intelligent control, resulting in a high concentration ozone water, safe and fast.

二 . Technical parameters of water disinfection:

Rated power: less than 10W
Working Voltage: 220V/110V (domestic) (foreign)
Frequency: 50HZ
The application of pressure: 0.15pam
Ozone production: 300mg/16l/25min
The concentration of ozone water: greater than 0.5mg / l
Minimum work flow: 1.5L / min
The maximum working flow: 6L / min

三 . Product results:

Ozone water disinfection intelligent high concentration of ozone generated by water, can be promptly and thoroughly to kill Escherichia coli, Neisseria gonorrhoeae and other harmful bacteria, effective removal of influenza, avian flu, SASS, hepatitis and other viruses. At the same time to efficiently break down residue in the pesticide on fruits and vegetables, to extend the preservation time and never have any harmful residues and secondary pollution.
1, sterilization: ozone sterilization speed, can break down organic compounds and chlorinated hydrocarbons in water, oxidation of heavy metals, trace elements and minerals useful to retain, so that the water was alkaline, after machine after filtration and activated carbon adsorption, resulting in better taste straight drinking water; such as with the pre-filter, the use of better. But after remaining to restore the ozone decomposition into oxygen very quickly, no residue.

2, disinfection: use of ozone water cleaning vegetables and fruits degradable pesticides, to extend the preservation time. Removal of fish; meat hormones to ensure healthy food. Sterilization cleaning tableware, efficient and non-toxic side effects.

3, health care: for health, beauty, women, infants and young children and effective cleaning supplies on the skin caused by fungus, athlete's foot with special effects.